How to apply metallizing wax ?

Metallic wax provides an exceptional solution to give a dazzling shine and enhanced protection to your metal surfaces. Whether you're looking to revive the luster of your tiled floors, cement tiles, terracotta, quartz screed, linoleum, ceramic tiles, stoneware, polished concrete, or marble, applying metallic wax proves to be a crucial step. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the simple steps to apply metallic wax like a professional. Discover how to enhance your surfaces by following these tips for a sparkling result and long-lasting protection.

Step 1: Surface preparation

Before initiating the metallic wax application process, thorough preparation of the metal surface is essential. It is imperative to ensure the total cleanliness of the surface by removing any dirt, dust, or unwanted residue. Use a mild cleaner specific to the material in question to effectively eliminate impurities, then make sure to carefully dry the surface with a clean, lint-free cloth. This fundamental step creates a blank canvas, ready to receive the metallic wax optimally and maximize the efficiency of the process for a radiant result.

Step 2: Choosing metallic wax

In the market, a plethora of metallic waxes offer distinct advantages in terms of shine, durability, and protection. Choose wisely with Ferber Painting's metallic wax, perfectly suited to your needs and preferences. This concentrated emulsion with high levels of extra hard waxes contains metallic ion resins, ensuring long-lasting shine and robust protection. Cost-effective, it creates a non-slip and protective film while smoothing micro-scratches on polished concrete varnishes. Its high abrasion resistance makes it an ideal choice for floors subject to heavy traffic. Before application, carefully review the manufacturer's instructions to master the specifics of this wax, optimizing the expected results. Make every choice a step towards a dazzling surface.

Step 3: Applying metallic wax

To start applying the metallic wax, gently pour a small amount onto a clean and soft wax applicator. Spread the wax by making circular motions on the metal surface, ensuring even coverage. Apply light pressure to ensure an even distribution of the wax. The first layer requires dilution in water. Apply it easily with a mop in two crossed layers, allowing it to dry without polishing. After drying, a resistant film ensures protection against common stains and brings shine to the floor coating. Wait for 2 to 3 hours before light traffic is resumed. Maintain the shine by regularly maintaining with a wax shampoo. Follow these steps for a resplendent and durable metal surface.

Step 4: Drying time

Once the metallic wax is applied, adhere to the drying time indicated by the manufacturer, usually a few minutes, although this may vary depending on the type of wax. During this period, avoid any contact with the surface to ensure optimal results. Strictly following these instructions will guarantee a flawless and durable finish, leaving the metal surface shiny and protected.

Step 5: Polishing

After complete drying of the metallic wax, proceed to polish the metal surface with a clean and soft cloth. This step is not only about revealing the metallic shine but also plays a crucial role in removing any excess wax. By making circular or linear movements, polishing helps achieve a smooth and shiny finish. Ensure to dedicate enough time to this step, as it finalizes the metallic wax application process, leaving the metal surface not only dazzling but also perfectly maintained and protected.

Applying metallic wax proves to be a simple yet remarkable approach to give your metal surfaces a dazzling shine while protecting them from external aggressions. By following these methodical steps, you can achieve professional-worthy results, offering a metallic shine that will catch everyone's eye. Take the necessary time to select the appropriate metallic wax, in line with the nature of the surface to be treated, and follow the instructions meticulously for optimal performance. Whether it's for your car, furniture, or any other metal object, give them the special treatment they deserve. Enjoy a sparkling appearance and long-lasting protection.