Talking about...which varnish to choose?

On the market, there are a large number of varnish brands with different properties and at all prices, which is often difficult to navigate. To better help you make the right choice, here is some necessary information.

What is varnish used for?

The varnish provides a dual function for the support on which it is applied: it provides protection against external aggressions while providing a decorative touch.

As a protective product, the varnish increases the resistance of the support to domestic aggressions: shocks, scratches, scratches, stains,... Forming a resistant film, once dry, the varnish also protects the support from dust and other dirt that can become embedded in the support, allowing it to be easily cleaned if necessary. Finally, the varnish ensures impermeability.

As a product to decorate, the varnish brings to the support an embellishment while preserving its natural aspect. When drying, the varnish is colorless, which is why it sublimates the support, unlike paints which will mask it.

What is the best varnish for boat?

Yacht varnish, Ferber Painting's yacht varnish is undoubtedly the best varnish to protect the wood of your boat from the extreme conditions of the sea. You can also use it as a finish for exterior woodwork as well as the wood of your showers.

What is the best varnish for metal?

To give a beautiful finish as well as a high protection to your metal works, Metal varnish by Ferber Painting is the varnish you need. It applies to all types of metals.

What is the best anti-rust varnish?

Any metal material that may be exposed to rust or has already rusted will be completely, effectively and durably protected by Ferber Painting's Antirust varnish, the best varnish in its field.

What is the best varnish for stone?

With its exceptional quality, Stone varnish by Ferber Painting waterproofs all stone supports, bricks and wall facings, and protects them from dirt and stains, and guarantees you a perfect finish.

What is the best varnish for wood?

Wood varnish, Ferber Painting's wood varnish is ideal for finishing and protecting your wood, offering them a very high resistance to external aggressions and keeping their natural appearance while embellishing them.

Published by Mahavonjy Zafi 6 Dec 2022