3-in-1 Marble Restorer
3-in-1 Marble Restorer

3-in-1 Marble Restorer

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Our 3-in-1 marble restorer is a revolutionary product that will restore marble to its original appearance and quality. Unlike other brands that will offer you three different products to treat and restore the same marble, 3-in-1 marble restorer is the best solution to save you a lot of time and money, while guaranteeing maximum efficiency: it cleans, renovates and varnishes.

   Drying time: 30 minutes between each coat.

   Return to circulation: 1 hour 30.

   pH: 8,5.

   Density: 1,01.

   Yield (two coats): 1 liter for 30 m² and per coat.

   Compliant with EU Regulation No. 2020/217.


   Product ready to use, easy to use.

   Fast drying, very economical.

   Odorless, non-toxic.

   Transparent after drying.

   Triple action product: cleaning, renovation, varnishing.

   Lasting effect.


•   Cleaning:

3-in-1 Marble Restorer contains a very powerful cleaning agent that will remove even the most stubborn dirt that attaches itself to the marble. No need to make great efforts to clean your surface, our product takes care of it for you.

•   Renovation:

The repair agent present in 3-in-1 Marble Restorer acts in depth, eliminates scratches and signs of wear, restores its solidity and a uniform appearance to the marble, and ensures a high resistance to friction.

•   Opening:

3-in-1 Marble Restorer restores marble to its original shine and provides long-lasting beautification and shine.


For marble, granite and natural stone (travertine, Comblanchien, blue stone, Burgundy stone, etc.).


•   Pour the product into a small bucket and dip a mop or a clean cloth, previously moistened and well wrung out. Apply without rubbing a thin even layer on the surface to be renovated, progressing in small strips. Leave to rest for about 30 minutes before applying a second thin coat, to obtain a very high quality and perfect finish.

•   Depending on the conditions to which the marble is subjected, apply a booster coat after 6 months to 1 year.