5-in-1 Leather Restorer
5-in-1 Leather Restorer
5-in-1 Leather Restorer

5-in-1 Leather Restorer

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$43.90 CAD

Our 5-in-1 leather restorer is a revolutionary product that will restore your leather furniture, your shoes and clothes, or even the seat of your car to their original qualities. Unlike other brands that offer several products for a single renovation, 5-in-1 leather restorer is the best solution to save you a lot of time and money, while guaranteeing maximum efficiency: it cleans, repairs, nourishes, recolors and varnishes.


  Product ready to use, easy to use.

  Fast drying, very economical.

   Odorless, non-toxic.

  Quintuple action product: cleaning, repairing, nourishing, recolouring, varnishing.

  Lasting effect.


•   Cleaning:

5-in-1 Leather Restorer contains a highly effective cleaning agent that effortlessly removes oil, grease and other dirt that can stick to leather.

•   Repairing:

The repair agent present in the 5-in-1 Leather Restorer product acts effectively on peels, scratches and cracks, and helps consolidate and densify weakened leather.

•   Nourishing:

5-in-1 Leather Restorer contains a nourishing oil that will restore the leather's suppleness, its resistance to stretching and tearing, by penetrating it very deeply.

•   Recolouring:

The recolorant contained in the 5-in-1 Leather Restorer product works by penetrating the pores of the leather and gives it the desired color, whether it is the original or another color of your choice.

•   Varnishing:

The varnish protects at the same time the color and the grain of the leather. It also forms a high protection against the repeated friction that the leather can undergo over time. It prevents clogging, dirt deposits and gives a high quality finish to your renovation.


•   Leather furniture, clothes, shoes, automobile seat

•   Suitable for all types of smooth or grained, pigmented or aniline leather, dipped lamb or cowhide, full grain or rectified grain.


•   Lightly sand the leather with sandpaper to break the original varnish and remove dust. In the presence of large open holes or large tears, slip a piece of leather between the foam and the back of the leather.

•   Shake the product well before application. Use a small sprayer or gun.


•   Spray the entire surface evenly to obtain a thin coat, being careful not to miss any nooks and crannies. Leave to stand between 2 and 12 hours so that the entire product fully penetrates the leather. It also depends on the porosity and absorbency of the leather. Repeat the maneuver a second and even a third time to obtain a good finish. Remember to remove excess thickness using a simple cloth, without rubbing the surface but wiping it very gently.

•   After leather renovation, maintenance will always be done with mild cleaners. Renovation should be done every semester for the first year to maintain its quality. Then, an annual application is more than enough.