Basement & Garage Waterproof Sealant

Basement & Garage Waterproof Sealant

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Our basement & garage waterproof sealant, intended to stop counter-pressure water inflows, is a water-repellent sealing coating that provides waterproof casing for basements and buried walls. Its coating is water-repellent, anti-infiltration, resistant to counterpressure for basements, foundations, elevator pits. It is applied to concrete, cement plaster, concrete blocks, bricks, and stones.

   Application temperatures: +8°C to +30°C (ideally around 20%).


  • Agglomerate with a gluing brush: 4 kg/m².
  • Jacked concrete / Coatings with a brush to glue: 3 kg/m².

   Drying time: 6 hours between coats.

   Maximum qualities reached in 28 days.


   Excellent resistance to water pressure and back pressure.

   Regulation of humidity.

   Possibility of paint coating.

   Suitable for all masonry supports.


    •   Realization of casings in buried basements, casing of cellars, garages, tunnels, pits, galleries, collectors.
      •   Eligible materials: concrete (formed, reinforced, cellular), concrete blocks, traditional masonry, bricks and agglomerates, stones and red bricks.


          •   First remove the laitances, dust and crumbly parts, oil stains and other dirt. Before applying the first coat, moisten the substrate well. Do not moisten between coats.
            •   Avoid application in the evening because of the return of stored heat, work on frozen substrates, application in full sun and in drying winds.
              •   The use of a brush is recommended for the application of the coating, as it promotes the penetration of the product into the pores and the elimination of air bubbles. It is also possible to carry out an application by mechanical projection using a low-flow machine (8mm nozzle).
                •   If the substrate surface is painted, the paint must be sanded off.
                  •   On stone and red brick substrates and other very irregular surfaces, smooth with cement filler beforehand.


                      •   Coat the support with a first coat 2 to 3 mm thick and leave to stand for 6 hours. Apply a second coat of 1 to 2 mm. A third coat of the same thickness is necessary for substrates that are subject to strong back pressures.
                        •   Maximum qualities reached after 28 days of drying, but light foot traffic possible after 48 hours, at 20°C and 60% relative humidity.