Concrete and Cement Hardener
Concrete and Cement Hardener

Concrete and Cement Hardener

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Our concrete and cement hardener is made from active minerals which, combined with free lime from cement or limestone, form perfectly indissoluble and very solid fluates. This reaction causes a very strong reduction of the dust, as well as of the capillaries of the support.

   Application temperature: +5°C to +45°C.

   Service limit temperature: -45°C to +90°C.

   Consumption: 0.1 to 0.25 liters per m2 (1 liter for 4 to 10 m2).

   Drying time between two coats: 48 hours.

   Dust drying time: 48 hours.

   Return to circulation:  48 hours.


   Colorless product.

   Monocomponent, ready to use.

   Increased support resistance by more than 30%.

   Strong resistance to marine, urban and industrial atmospheric agents.

   Increased chemical resistance against fats (fats and oils), diluted bases and organic acids.


•   Concrete screeds and slabs, limestone facings.

•   Eligible materials: all porous supports such as concrete, cement or limestone.

•   No use if support closed (no penetration).


•   The support must be completely dry, degreased, dust free, sound and adherent. Eliminate non-adherent particles such as rust, mud or scale.

•   Apply with sprayer, roller or brush. Clean tools with cold water.


•   Application by spray, brush or roller, in one or two coats. The drying time between the two coats is 48 hours.

•   Return to circulation is also possible after 48 hours of application. Can be covered with epoxy or acrylic type paints. The use of glycerophthalic paints is not recommended.