Concrete Surface Deactivator
Concrete Surface Deactivator

Concrete Surface Deactivator

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Our concrete deactivator is the best on the market for giving the unformed concrete surface a very aesthetic appearance of the washed gravel type. This water-based surface deactivator, in the form of a sprayable emulsion, offers excellent curing power while retarding the hydration of the cement on the surface. It is the only deactivator that poses no danger to the user and does not harm the environment.

   Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C.

   Yield: 1 liter for 4 to 5 m2.

   Density: 1.

   Wash window: 4 to 24 hours.

   Deactivation depth: 4 to 8 mm.

   Compliant with standard NF P 18-370.


   Very easy to apply.

   Aesthetic appearance of the washed gravel type.

   Anti-slip effect.

   Very economical.

   No danger for the user and the environment.


All concrete supports: pavements, pedestrian areas, squares, forecourts, sidewalks.


•   Before application, remember to protect the surroundings of the site from accidental splashes during spraying or washing with a protective film. The surface of the assembly must be flat, without holes or waves.

•   It is recommended to carry out a test beforehand on a small surface to better assess the start of washing.

•   Use a sprayer fitted with a metal nozzle with an opening of 0.79 mm, pressure of 2/4 bars.


•   Spray:

       ◦   Thoroughly homogenize the deactivator before application. After 30 minutes of pouring the concrete, spray the surface evenly and in a single step, keeping the nozzle between 20 and 40 cm from the support, the jet must make an angle of 45° with the support.

       ◦   In the event of rain within a period of less than 3 hours after its application, it is necessary to provide a new spraying of the product or to ensure the protection of the treated surface.

•   Washing:

       ◦   Between 4 and 24 hours after application of the deactivator, wash with water under pressure of 100 to 150 bars maximum. For more efficiency when washing, pre-wet the surface by hosing it down, and leave it for a few minutes.

       ◦   In case of strong exposure to wind and sun, wash between 4 and 12 hours if the temperature is below 35°C, and wash between 4 and 8 hours if the temperature is above 35°C.