Dry Rot Treatment
Dry Rot Treatment

Dry Rot Treatment

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$43.90 CAD

   Immediate and optimal effect.

   Double action: preventive and curative.

   Extreme efficiency against dry rot.

   Ready to use, easy to apply.

   Colorless, does not stain.

   Ideal for all healthy and attacked woods.

   Lasting action: up to 25 years.

   Recoverable by Ferber Painting varnishes.


•   A replacement will have to be made if the wood is badly damaged or has a problem of solidity.

•   Before application, remove all nails and other metals present.

•   Brush and dust the support to eliminate all the friable parts and the mycellium.

•   Strip or sand varnishes, paints, waxes and stains.

•   Wearing PPE is recommended during application.

•   Provide sufficient ventilation of the place of treatment to facilitate drying.

•   Preventive treatment on healthy support: using a brush, apply in brushing to allow a massage action and promote better penetration. (100ml per m² in one coat, i.e. 5L for 50 m²).

•   Curative treatment on contaminated support: using a brush, apply abundantly to the entire surface. (300ml per m² in one coat, i.e. approximately 5L for 16m²).