Facade Water Repellent
Facade Water Repellent

Facade Water Repellent

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Our facade water repellent is specially designed to completely waterproof your facades and walls, creating a hydrophobic barrier that prevents the penetration and infiltration of water into the material. It provides protection against frost damage and the proliferation of algae, lichens and fouling. It is an ideal product for facades and walls in plaster, stone, brick, plaster and cement. Effectiveness guaranteed for up to 10 years.

   Drying time: 12 hours.

   Yield (one coat): 2 to 5 m2 for one liter.

   Recoverable in 24 hours.

   Optimal qualities achieved in 7 days.

   Lifespan: 5-10 years.


   Single-component product easy to apply.

   Odorless, quick drying.

   No petroleum solvents, silicones or derivatives.

   Very economical.

   Totally invisible and anti-stain.

   Does not form a film on the surface, does not slip.

   Considerably slows down fouling and the development of dirt.

   Efficiency up to 10 years.


•   Porous, uncracked and unpainted walls and facades.

•   Eligible materials: plaster, coatings, natural or reconstituted stones, bricks, cement, concrete.


•   Eliminate all green deposits and mold, brush, clean and dust the support before application.

•   Proceed beforehand to a test on a small surface to determine the optimal quantity to use for all the support.

•   Application by brush, roller or sprayer. In the presence of surplus on the surface after application, remove with a clean, dry cloth to avoid any stains.


•   Shake well and mix the product before application. Spray or spread on the support a single layer, making a movement from bottom to top and until saturation, without returning to the surfaces already treated.

•   Do not apply in case of temperature exceeding 35°C, in the presence of strong wind, rain or snow.