Flea Treatment
Flea Treatment
Flea Treatment

Flea Treatment

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$43.90 CAD

   Instantly eliminates fleas.

   Product applicable directly on fleas, infected animals and infested areas.

   Simple spray application.

   Safe for the user, pets and the environment.

   Non-irritating and odorless product.

   Very economical: 1 liter can treat 20 m².


   Shake the product well and make sure there is no sediment at the bottom of the container.

   Spray the product on areas infected by fleas, or by direct spraying. The treatment will be more effective if there is an even distribution of the product.

   Product will keep for five years in a cool, dry place.

   1 liter of our product treats an area of 20 m².

   We also recommend an application of the product as a preventive measure, on areas likely to be frequented by fleas.

   We remind you that it is preferable to use safety glasses and gloves during application.