Fryer Cleaner
Fryer Cleaner

Fryer Cleaner

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   Effective fryer cleaner for easy maintenance.

   Chlorine-free, bleach-free and alcohol-free formula.

   Effectively removes residue and burnt fat.

   Suitable for fryers, fondues, raclettes and barbecues.

   Dries quickly without streaking.

   Adds shine, anti-static product.

   Restores sparkling cleanliness and leaves a pleasant smell.

   Environmentally friendly, biodegradable.

   Very economical and two times cheaper.

   Available in 5 liter and 25 liter containers.


•   Empty the fryer and remove the grease residue with a paper towel.

•   Pour 250ml of cleaner into the fryer and apply to grease deposits on the lid and other parts outside the fryer.

•   Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse the coated surfaces thoroughly with hot water.

•   Add hot water to the undiluted product in the fryer. Fill the fryer until the basket and the top rim of fat are completely submerged. Leave on for at least 15 minutes.

•   Brush the fryer and basket with a dish brush. Once the grease has completely loosened, empty the liquid into the sink.

•   Rinse the fryer and its basket with hot water, then dry with a clean cloth.