Fungicide Treatment
Fungicide Treatment
Fungicide Treatment

Fungicide Treatment

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Our fungicide treatment, a concentrated product based on ultra-powerful fungicide agents, is specially designed to eliminate all green deposits and mold on all building supports, leaving no trace or film on the materials and changing neither the color nor the appearance. It is the best product on the market for completely destroying all common types of micro-organisms, and it is recommended to apply it before any waterproofing work.

   Drying time: 2 hours.

   Yield (single application): 50 to 250 m2 for 1 liter.

   Recoverable in 3 days.


   Quick and effective elimination of green deposits, algae, lichens, molds, fungi.

   Very long-lasting, curative and preventive treatment.

   Suitable for all supports and all materials.

   Non-aggressive, does not attack metals.

   Active in a few days.

   Quick drying, recoatable.

   Very economical.


•   All surfaces: roofs, walls and facades, floors and terraces.

•   Eligible materials: tile, concrete, plaster, bricks, facing materials, cement plaster facades, slate...


•   For surfaces with very heavy green deposits, scrape or brush with a blaster for better application.

•   Respect the dilution dosages carefully.

•   In the presence of particularly resistant species, renew the application.

•   Application by brush, brush or sprayer.


•   1 liter of concentrate in 50 liters of water for slightly contaminated surfaces, to treat 250 m2.

•   1 liter of concentrate in 20 liters of water for moderately contaminated surfaces, to treat 100 m2.

•   1 liter of concentrate in 10 liters of water for very contaminated surfaces, to treat 50 m2.


•   Apply the product diluted until saturation by brushing or spraying, thoroughly impregnating the surface to be treated.

•   Leave to act for 3 to 4 days then brush off green deposits, algae, residual fungi and rinse with water.

•   Surfaces intended to remain in their raw state will be treated as soon as color appears.