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Our glyphosate, a market leader, is a versatile product for many applications. Whether in agriculture, landscaping, or other specific needs, our glyphosate proves to be an effective choice. It is formulated to be environmentally friendly, making it an eco-conscious option. With its fast-acting nature, you can expect visible results in less than 3 hours.


  Very fast action: visible results 3 hours after application.

  Concentrated soluble liquid.

  Highly economical: 15 milliliters per liter of water and per square meter (15 mL/L/m2).

  Versatile and multi-purpose product.

  Highly effective against mosses.

  Acts exclusively on the treated plant, without affecting neighboring plantations.

  Quick return of pets to treated areas: 6 hours after application.

  Allows for sowing or replanting just 3 days after application, even if the weeds are not fully dried out.


•   Dilute the concentrated product according to instructions before use.

•   Prepare only the amount of mixture needed for the area to be treated.

•   Avoid rain during treatment and for the following 6 hours to prevent washing away.

•   Ensure there is no wind to avoid spray drift.

•   Choose a temperature between 12°C and 25°C and sunny weather for optimal effectiveness.

•   Wear appropriate equipment: nitrile gloves, gardening shoes, safety glasses or protective mask.

•   Do not use on areas to be preserved, such as plants and lawns.

•   Do not eat, drink, or smoke while using.


•   Shake the concentrate well before use.

•   Measure the area to be treated in advance and calculate the required dose, then fill up to the desired water volume. Shake to get a uniform mixture.

•   It is recommended to mix 15 milliliters of the product with 1 liter of water per square meter for treatment. Therefore, to treat a total area of 70 square meters, you will need to dilute 1 liter of the product in 70 liters of water.

•   Spray evenly to thoroughly coat the surfaces to be treated.

•   Apply again after 14 days to maintain prolonged effectiveness.