Live Bacteria for Septic Tank - 1kg

Live Bacteria for Septic Tank - 1kg

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Our product live bacteria for septic tank is the best on the market for the maintenance of your septic tank and your domestic sanitation system. 100% organic, this product contains a huge amount of microorganisms, about 100,000 per gram. Thanks to their aerobic action, the bad and nauseous odors of your toilets are over, and likewise, the pipes in your kitchen will remain clean all the time.


   100% natural product.

   Micro-organisms preserved by sporulation on mineral support.

   Durable, easy to use.

   Immediate action on contact with water.

   Preventive action: prevents the formation of sludge and other residues.

   Curative action: removes sludge, grease, and other residues.

   Elimination of bad odors.

   Very economical: 1kg for 1 year.


•   Heavily loaded septic tanks.

•   Septic tanks, cisterns.

•   Sanitation and wastewater treatment systems.

•   Kitchen piping.


•   The bacteria are preserved by the sporulation method, on a mineral support. As soon as the product comes into contact with water or humidity, the microorganisms immediately become 100% active.

•   From then on, these micro-organisms decompose the excess sludge from the septic tank or autonomous sanitation and digest it. The same is true of grease that blocks kitchen pipes.

•   The decomposition is aerobic, which considerably reduces bad smells, or even makes them disappear entirely. Heavily polluted septic tanks, septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems will be reactivated in record time.


•   The calculation is based on the number of people who use the toilet to obtain an optimal result. One application per week is enough for your toilet to be able to revive.

•   First 15 weeks: 10 grams per person.

•   From the 16th week: 5 grams per person.

•   Example: In a family of 4 people, it is necessary to pour 40 grams weekly of the product the first 15 weeks, then reduce to 20 grams weekly from the 16th week.