Metallic Wax
Metallic Wax

Metallic Wax

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Our metallic wax is ideal for reviving your dull floors, whether new or for your renovations. Self-shining and non-slip, it offers better resistance to abrasion and very effective protection against the attachment and penetration of dirt on thermoplastic floor coverings and tiles.

   Drying time: half an hour between each layer.

   Return to light traffic: 2 to 3 hours.

   Yield (two coats):
       •   porous support: 36 to 40 m² for 1 liter,
       •   non-porous support: 40 m² for 1 liter.

   Density = 1.03+/-0.01.

   Pure pH = 8+/-0.2.

   Preparation not subject to toxicity labeling according to European Directive No. 88/379 and its adaptations.


   Concentrated emulsion with a high content of extra hard waxes.

   Contains metal ion resins.

   Very economical.

   Creation of an anti-slip and protective film.

   Exfoliation of micro-scratches on waxed concrete varnishes.

   Very high resistance to abrasion even on floors subject to intense traffic.


Tiled floors and thermoplastic coatings (cement tiles, terracotta, quartz screed after pore filler, linoleum, thermoplastic coating, tiles, stoneware, maintenance of waxed concrete after 1 or 2 years, marble).


•   The support must not be alkaline, it must not be cleaned with degreasing products, bleach or dishwashing liquid with a pH greater than 9. The concrete support is also too alkaline. To remove the alkalinity of the support, clean with an acid product, followed by a good rinsing with water.

•   Oily carriers prevent wax from setting. Badly rinsed black soap leaves greasy surfaces. Use a degreasing cleaner followed by abundant rinsing. The supports must have a pH between 7 and 9. Above the wax does not adhere.


•   The first layer is to be diluted in water.

•   Simply apply with a mop in two crossed coats half an hour apart, and leave to dry without buffing. After drying, a resistant film provides protection against all common stains and brings shine to the floor covering.

•   Leave to dry for 2 to 3 hours before returning to light traffic.

•   Maintain regularly with a waxing shampoo.