Nettle Manure
Nettle Manure

Nettle Manure

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   100% natural product, usable in organic farming.

   Very concentrated, dilutable up to 5%.

   Very rich in nitrogen, trace elements, vitamins and valuable minerals for plants.

   Stimulates plant growth and strengthens natural defences.

   Powerful repellent against mites, aphids, codling moth, Colorado potato beetle, carrot flies and other harmful insects.

   Very effective fungicide against mildew, powdery mildew, rust.

   The only manure with a lasting effect: up to 6 months.

   Non-toxic and harmless to humans, pets and the environment.

   Applicable on all types of plants.

   Easy to use, ready to use.


•   Shake the product well before use.

•   Dilute 0.5 liters of nettle manure in 9.5 liters of water and mix well.

•   Apply by watering at the foot of the plants or by spraying the leaves at the time of planting.

•   Renew the maneuver approximately every ten days.

•   Close the container well for better preservation of the product.