Pool Leak Stopper

Pool Leak Stopper

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$43.90 CAD

   Extremely effective in sealing pool and spa leaks.

   Prevents water loss in casings and around pipe connections.

   Effective in eliminating small leaks in concrete and polyester.

   Easy to use, ready to use.

   Biodegradable product, with no effect on humans and nature.

   Lasting action.

   Very economical: 1 liter of anti-leak product for 60 m³ of water.

   Swimming allowed after 24 hours.


•   The pH of the water must be neutral, it must be adjusted using a pH corrector otherwise.

   Unplug the pump and remove any automatic cleaners from the pool.

   Shake the product well before using.

   Note the water level before treatment.

   Pour the product through the skimmer or near the leak points.

   Wait 30 minutes, restart the pump and let it run for 8 hours.

   Check the water level again: if it drops, repeat the operation a second time.

   Swimming is possible after 24 hours only.