Professional Fruit Trees Fertilizer 25 kg

Professional Fruit Trees Fertilizer 25 kg

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$58.90 CAD

   Very powerful fertilizer for harmonious growth of your fruit trees.

   Very rich in potash for better fruiting.

   The best fertilizer to sustainably maintain the fertility of the orchard and for high resistance to leaching.

   Fertilizer rich in organic composted elements for gentle and sustained fertilization.

   Suitable for all fruit trees, vines, ornamental shrubs, root vegetables and bulb flowers.

   100% natural product, without sludge or urban waste.

   Able to be used in organic farming.

   Very economical, 100 g per tree, only once a year.

   Packaged in a 25 kg bag for better use.


For a new plantation:

•   Incorporate the fertilizer by mixing it into the soil.

•   Water the young plant sufficiently and periodically.

For an existing tree:

•   Spread the fertilizer around the trees to the plumb of the branches, then scratch to incorporate lightly.

•   Apply annually.

•   In very poor soil conditions, a contribution at each change of season can be made.