Release Oil
Release Oil

Release Oil

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   The best mold release product for your work.

   Facilitates the separation of concrete and other molded construction materials from their formwork, for unmolding without snagging concerns.

   Good mold release, allows to obtain a smooth and homogeneous facing, without bubbling, without dusting and fouling of the mold or the formwork.

   For all types of formwork (steel, wood and plastic).

   Allows subsequent application of surface treatments (water repellents, paints, repair products).

   Very economical: 1 liter treats approximately 10 to 20 m 2 of formwork surface.

   Environmentally friendly product.

   Available in 5 liter and 25 liter containers.

   Product ready to use, requiring no dilution.


•   Wear gloves and shake the product before use.

•   Thoroughly clean the walls of the formwork before applying the release agent.

•   Apply the oil with a roller or a brush, taking care to check that the oil penetrates well into the pores of the formwork.

•   Always apply the release agent evenly and without excess, and never on the reinforcements.

•  On vertical formwork, rubbing or using a rubber squeegee eliminates excess and improves the appearance of the facings.

•   On horizontal moulds, take care to avoid excess by passing the rubber squeegee or cloth.

•   Let the oil dry for at least 1 hour before pouring.

•   Apply a second coat of form oil when reusing the mold after the first pour.

•   Do not mix the product with other liquids.

•   Avoid excess formwork oil so as not to cause tearing of the skin of the concrete, dusting, bubbling.