Roof Cleaner
Roof Cleaner

Roof Cleaner

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   Powerful cleaner for ultra-fast effectiveness.

   Effectively eliminates lichens, algae and traces of pollution.

   Deeply cleanses and decontaminates your roof.

   Concentrated product, dilutable according to the dirt present.

   Removes dirt and impurities for optimal waterproofing.

   Mild cleaner, without risk of damaging roofing materials.

   Effectively protects your roof and gives it longevity.

   Versatile product for all types of roofs.

   Easy to use: spray gun, roller and brush application.

   Very economical: 1 liter treats up to 24 m 2 .

   Available in 5 liters and 25 liters containers.


•   Take the following tools: nylon or synthetic fiber brush, paint brush, low-pressure sprayer or spray drone.

•   Prepare the substrate:

    -   Scrape off heavy green deposits.

    -   Protect surfaces that do not require cleaning.

    -   Plug the rainwater drains.

    -   Fill the gutters with water to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the water tank.

•   Apply the cleaning product pure or diluted (up to 50% water) depending on the level of fouling.

•   Leave to act for a few minutes (maximum 30 minutes).

•   If necessary, repeat the operation in case of heavy dirt.

•   Rinse with medium pressure using a brush or a jet of water.

•   Clean tools immediately after use with water.

•   Do not apply the product on a frozen substrate, in the process of thawing, in direct sunlight, in strong winds or in rainy weather.