Saltpetre Treatment
Saltpetre Treatment

Saltpetre Treatment

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$43.90 CAD

   Extremely effective for the treatment of damp walls.

   Radically prevents the reappearance of saltpeter, mold and salts on the supports.

   Waterproofs, hardens and sanitizes plaster and other supports inside homes.

   Protects outdoor supports from the appearance of saltpeter, frost and weather-related damage.

   Applicable even on wet substrates.

   Suitable for plaster, placo, cement, concrete, stones, bricks, mineral coatings...

   Easy to apply and ready to use.

   Quick drying: 6 hours.

   Non-toxic product.

   Very economical: 4 m² per litre.


•   Before application, brush off all traces of saltpetre and mould.

•   Clean the surface well, remove flaking paint and old paint paper.

•   Apply from bottom to top on the support until saturation.

•   Insist on the infected parts to avoid spreading to neighboring parts.

•   Protect the substrate from rain, snow, high temperatures and strong winds during the drying time.

•   Contact with the support is possible 24 hours after application.

•   Renew the application every year to have well-treated supports.