Septic Tank Activator

Septic Tank Activator

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   Powerful formula based on natural bacteria.

   Quickly breaks down organic matter and reduces the risk of clogging.

   Prevents bad smells.

   Safe for pipes and drains.

   Compatible with all types of septic tanks and grease traps.

   Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

   Easy to use, no need to measure or mix.

   Very economical, extends the life of your septic tank and avoids the high cost of cleaning or emptying.


•   Take a glove and carefully open the bottle of septic tank activator.

•   Pour the septic tank activator directly into the sink or toilet bowl.

•   Run water from the sink faucet or flush the toilet to allow the activator to mix well with the waste water.

•   Repeat the process once a month to maintain the effectiveness of the activator.