Tiling Glue

Tiling Glue

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Our tile adhesive is a polymer glue with exceptionally high mechanical performance, specially formulated for optimal adhesion with all types of tiles up to 60 cm x 60 cm. It stands out as the best on the market at present due to its remarkable features. Easy to apply, it provides a rapid set, ensuring more than satisfactory results. Our high-quality tile adhesive is the ideal solution for all your floor or wall tiling projects.

  Coverage: 1 m² per liter. 

  Application Temperature: +10°C to +30°C.

  Density: 1.60 + 0.1.

  Setting time: 2 hours.

  Final set: 24 hours.

  Walk-on time: 24 hours.


  Solvent-free product, without isocyanate, phthalate, or crystalline silica.

  Suitable for all types of tiles for floors, walls, outdoors, or indoors up to 60 cm x 60 cm.

  Suitable for all types of tiles, porous or dense, including porcelain stoneware.

  Product ready to use, very quick setting.

  Very high mechanical and acoustic performance.

  Very economical, long shelf life.

  Very high moisture resistance.


•   All types of floor or wall tiles, for both interior and exterior.

•   Adheres to all concrete surfaces, new surfaces, and surfaces under renovation.

•   Suitable for damp rooms.

•   Associated substrates: finished concrete with careful facing, cement-based screed, anhydrite screed, properly prepared old tiles, adequately smoothed old wooden floors, plywood panels, concrete surfaces (screed, self-leveling, slab on ground fill...), waterproofing underlay, new wall surfaces (drywall, wood panels...) or any renovated surfaces (old tiles, old wooden floors, paint, rigid plastic tiles, adhesive residues...).

•   Associated coverings: ceramic or porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles, mosaic tiles, glass paste tiles, slate tiles, as well as laminated floor coverings and vinyl coverings.


•   Store the tiles in the premises a few days before laying, observing the storage conditions. Store the tile adhesive in a tempered room.

•   The substrates must be clean, dry, healthy, solid, resistant, and free of greasy products. The flatness of the substrates should be 5 mm under a 2 m rule and 1 mm under a 20 mm rule.

•   Remember to check the moisture with a carbide tester. It should be less than 3% at 4 cm depth for cement substrates and 0.5% for calcium sulfate screeds.


•   Apply the adhesive with a trowel to the substrate in a single layer, using approximately 1 kg to 1.4 kg per m², depending on the roughness of the substrates.

•   Maintain peripheral gaps (minimum 8 mm). The gap calculation rule is 0.15% of each of the longest dimensions covered by the tiles.

•   Apply the adhesive uniformly on the back of the tiles, then ensure regular monitoring of the transfer during the process. Warped tiles should be pressed down onto the floor, weighting them until the adhesive has fully set.

•   Beat the tiles by tapping lightly, allowing the adhesive to spread evenly on the back of the tiles, and use the excess adhesive to fill the joints.