Tree Stump Destroyer

Tree Stump Destroyer

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$43.90 CAD

   Very effective root destroyer with powerful compounds.

   Accelerates the process of wood decomposition and prevents stump regrowth.

   Granulated harmless to the soil and acts as a fertilizer.

   Easy to use, no experience required in the field.

   Safe for nature and man.

   Visible result in less than 2 weeks.

   Yield: 1 bottle devitalizes up to 20 trees.

   Very economical product and with a good quality / price ratio.

   Safe for nature and human being.

   Meets EPA regulations.


•   Put on gloves and prepare the stump by cutting it as you wish with a chainsaw or a saw.

•   Using a drill, drill a few holes in the stump and fill them with the granulate. Make sure the pellet is evenly distributed and the holes are deep enough for the stump killer to reach the bottom of the holes.

•   Pour a little water into the holes of the stump to allow the product to work.

•   With a tarpaulin, protect the stump to prevent intruders from approaching the product.

•   Wait a few weeks for the product to take effect and the stump will begin to break down and eventually disintegrate completely.