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Weed Killer

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Our non-selective contact weedkiller is a concentrated herbicide whose active ingredient, pelargonic, is of plant origin. It is a total weedkiller, versatile contact for cultivated, planted, private or public landscaped areas. For communities, it can be used in green spaces, on public roads, forests, walks, areas for vulnerable people (schools, hospitals, playgrounds, parks, etc.). Very effective and very fast acting, the first results are seen in less than 3 hours.


   Very fast acting: visible results 3 hours after application.

   Active substance of vegetable origin (Composition at 237.59 g/L pelargonic acid).

   Very economical: 13 milliliters per liter of water per square meter (13 mL/L/m2).

   Effective and approved against moss.

   Acts only on the treated plant, with no root effect on neighboring plantations.

   Rapid return of pets to treated surfaces: 6 hours after application.

   Allows sowing or replanting from 3 days after application even if the weeds have not completely dried out.


•   Wear appropriate gardening gloves and clothing.

•   Weed leaves must be dry (no rain or dew) before treatment.

•   Treat in calm (no wind) and dry weather (no rain expected within 12 hours).

•   Do not apply on impermeable surfaces located near a water point (bitumen, concrete, pavers and slabs).

•   Properly wet the vegetation to be destroyed while avoiding runoff.

•   Do not eat, drink or smoke during use.

•   After application, do not discharge into the sink, gutter or any other water point, unused residues and sprayer wash water. Store the product in a dry place and away from food and drink, including those for animals.


•   Shake the concentrate well before use.

•   Put a little water in the sprayer fitted with a herbicide cover.

•   Measure the surface to be treated beforehand and calculate the dose of weedkiller required, then top up to the desired volume of water. Shake to obtain a homogeneous preparation.

•   Apply the product only to the weeds present (by spot).

•   Avoid spray drift and runoff to nearby plants. Avoid spraying towards the green parts of the plants to be preserved.

•   For optimal effectiveness, treat at the start of infestation on young, dry weeds, on all sides of the plant and when the temperature in the shade is between 12°C and 25°C.