Wood Glue

Wood Glue

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Our wood glue is a very high quality water-based glue based on vinyl resin. Intended for the assembly of all solid wood, plywood and chipboard, its rapid setting allows handling of the assembly in a short time. It is completely transparent and invisible after drying, and offers excellent resistance.

   Application temperature: +12°C to +65°C.

   Yield: 1 m² per liter.

   Assembly time open: 0 to 2 minutes.

   Assembly time closed: 5 minutes maximum.

   Mechanical tightening: 10 to 20 minutes.

   Clamping pressure: 2 to 7 bars.

   Final curing time: 12h.

   Density: 1.09 at 20°C.

   Adhesion: >10 MPa at 20°C and 65% relative humidity.

   Compliant with standard NF EN 204.


   Product based on vinyl resin in aqueous phase.

   Quick setting.


   Transparent and invisible after drying.

   Excellent mechanical resistance.


•   Assembly of all types of wood.

•   Solid wood, raw or treated, plywood, chipboard.

•   Can be used in cabinet making and carpentry.


•   The substrates must be clean, dusted and free of greasy substances before application.

•   The humidity of the wood should be between 8 and 12%. Use a brush, a toothed spatula or a glue gun for application.

•   Store in a frost-free place and recap carefully after use.


•   Using a brush, a toothed spatula or a glue gun, apply on the two sides to be joined. Assemble within the first 2 minutes, allow a maximum of 5 minutes before applying pressure. Finally, perform mechanical tightening for 10 to 20 minutes.

•   The tightening time may be extended if the temperature is below 20°C. Remember to handle the assemblies with care during the first 12 hours.