Wood Hardener
Wood Hardener
Wood Hardener

Wood Hardener

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Our wood hardener is the best on the market for hardening rotten, soft or friable wood, and its preventive action helps stop crumbling, rotting and degradation over time. By penetrating into the wood, the hardener gives it unlimited resistance, even if it is placed outdoors and subjected to the weather. The adhesion of paints and finishing coats after treatment is guaranteed.

   Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C.

   Yield (2 coats): 1 liter for 6 to 8 m2.

   Drying time: 2 hours between each layer.

   Coverage: 12 hours after application.


   Ready to use product.

   Colorless and odorless.

   Very economical: one liter for 6 to 8 m2.

   Total efficiency on all types of wood.

   Curative action: wood hardening.

   Protective and preventive action: prevents crumbling, rotting of new wood.

   Recoverable (paints, varnishes, stains, coatings, etc...).

   Does not contain fungicide or insecticide.


•   All wooden supports, indoors and outdoors.

•   Eligible materials: local or exotic wood, raw or treated, plywood (plywood or slatted), glued laminated, chipboard, etc...


•   Dry the supports beforehand. They must be absorbent, can be moist but not saturated with water. Remove damaged, worm-eaten, crumbly and non-adherent parts using a brush or spatula. If the wood to be treated was previously painted or stained, it is essential to scrape it well to remove all traces.


•   The application is done with a nylon brush, in a generous layer until the wood is saturated, on all accessible surfaces

•   After a drying time of approximately 12 hours, the treated wood can be painted or varnished. Through-drying takes approximately 24 hours.

•   If the wood is very damaged, it is possible to pass 2 or 3 successive coats of hardener. In this case, it is necessary to wait 12 hours between each layer.