Wood Saturator
Wood Saturator

Wood Saturator

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   Unique formula based on natural ingredients.

   Protects your wood from the natural elements and weather.

   Leaves a pleasant woody smell.

   Penetrates deeply, non-film-forming, without surface film.

   Free of VOCs, petrochemical solvents, siccatives, and chemical anti-UV.

   Water repellent and anti- graying for enhanced protection.

   Keeps the natural beauty of the wood, without a wet look.

   Provides long lasting protection against wood discoloration.

   Easy and economical maintenance for wood like new.

   Available in 5 liter and 25 liter containers.


•   Shake the product before use and wear a glove.

•   Prepare the surface: make sure it is clean, dry and free of any previous coating before applying the product. If necessary, sand the wood to remove rough spots.

•   Apply the wood saturator evenly using a brush, roller or sprayer. Make sure that the product penetrates well into the wood following the direction of the fibers.

•   Let the product dry for 24 hours. Avoid exposure to water or moisture during drying.

•   If necessary, apply a second coat of wood saturator to reinforce the protection and the natural beauty of the wood.

•   To maintain the beauty and protection of your wood, clean it regularly with soapy water and apply a new coat of saturator every 2 to 3 years depending on the wood's exposure conditions.